Legal Advisory Council


The TeX Legal Advisory Council serves the needs of those individuals and organisations, which are members of TeX, for a meeting point where the legal agreements constituting TeX (the legal agreements) can be reviewed to ensure that they reflect best operating and technical practice, issues can be shared, and recommendations for changes be made.

It acts as a centre of expertise for TeX with regard to the legal and compliance aspects of issues affecting TeX and re-registration, including technical and regulatory matters.

Covering service providers, asset managers, pension providers and other members and associate members of TeX, it informs engagement with policymakers and regulators through the TeX Board, whose activities it supports.

Key Objectives

  • The Council’s main objective is to ensure that the legal agreements remain flexible, are updated as required and continue to be relevant, in order that they meet the continued needs of TeX members
  • To consider, study and report upon to the TeX Board, as required, all initiatives, consultations or developments of any kind that may impact the legal agreements and the members of TeX.
  • To make recommendations to the Board of TeX for any proposed changes to the legal agreements.
  • To inform the wider TeX membership in written briefings of the strategic and tactical impacts of any such changes, through the administration team, where appropriate.

Participating Member Firms

Chair: Tom Clarke, Transact


Actuare Ltd

Advance by Embark Platform

Aviva UK Insurance





IntegraFin Services

Invesco UK Limited

Northern Trust



Pinsent Masons

Quilter (formerly Old Mutual Wealth)



Willis Towers Watson

Upcoming Meetings

SLA & Ops, Legal & Development Partners 27 June

Get Involved

If you are a TeX member and would like more information or to get involved with the work of the Council, please provide your details below and we will get back to you shortly