About TeX

TeX is a not-for-profit organisation which works with the industry to ensure that the maximum benefit is provided to all members.

What We Do

TeX manages and runs the complete set of non-commercial contracts between parties that cover standards, service level agreements and matters of liability concerning all aspects of transfers.

The provision of common non-commercial contract terms for transfers provides certainty for customers and firms that the process is being completed to an agreed industry standard. It will also significantly reduce cost, risk and duplication for the industry by removing the need for each platform, service provider, ISA manager, nominee, TPA and fund manager to have individually agreed contract terms covering transfers. There is just one common set of legal agreements and documents terms that are maintained by TeX.

Every member knows what the terms are and the standards set out in the Service Level Agreement. This provides clarity and consistency for members and for all parties involved in carrying out transfers through TeX.

TeX is independent from TISA but benefits from being linked to the TISA brand through name, the expertise provided by the two corporate entity directorships and the administrative support provided by TISA.

TeX Governance

The structure of TeX provides strong corporate governance. The Board comprises industry directors from many different sectors together with TISA directors to ensure the wider industry has a voice. TeX also has a Head of Operations to support the members generally and who specifically focuses on assisting them in reducing transfer times.

TeX Membership Fees

TeX is industry funded and operates on a not-for-profit basis. As such, the membership fee is kept as low as possible. TeX is also delivering savings to members by driving down industry costs through the adoption of one common set of terms maintained by TeX, which in turn, is leading to better consumer outcomes.

Need more information?

Please check out the explanatory document below or go to the contact us page and get in touch directly.

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